Headlight Conversion Last Step

2010 Headlight Conversion Last Step

Everyone who has replaced or is about to replace their headlights with the new 2010 will get them to work......but...message error "Adaptive Headlights Inoper." will come on. All Intelligent Light Control Functions do not work. 

No problem, this is the solution. Establish a communication link with Front SAM and Control Light Modules XALWA left,right. To do this you will need a 2010 Central Gateway Module which is located on the bottom of the steering column. I have this , and rent it out if anyone is interested. The other option is to find a 2010 donor car and remove it and place it on yours.

Everything is basically easy. Just replace all the parts with the 2010 and up. 2010 headlights with three modules, 2010 front SAM, and that wiring harness from mastertuning, or sonicms. 

Here comes the tricky part. You must leave your side marker lights that came with your car intact. If you remove the bulbs, the IC will say error "side marker lamp,left,right" So just leave them tucked in the new bumper and put some black tape around the bulbs. The car will not notice them missing. The new headlights will flash the turn signal led strip, and so will these. Old system and new working together, no big deal.

The most challenging part is to program the XALWA left,right modules for the headlights to recognize the Intelligent Light Control Functions. If you do not program these, your IC will say "Adaptive Lights Inoperative, Visit Workshop" error message. To do this you will have to replace the Central Gateway Module located on the bottom of the steering column. You will have to remove the Gateway from your car, install a Gateway from a 2010 S-Class
You will then see all sorts of error messages on the dash, do not worry. Just do coding via SCN. Perform 'Initial Startup' for the XALWA modules, not for the Gateway. The 2010 Gateway will communicate with the 2010 front SAM. Your Gateway is coded for the 2007-2009 modules, it will not establish link with SAM.
Then put back your original Gateway, delete fault memory of all the modules.
Now you are done.

You will need someone with STAR coding, (some merc techs have DAS laptops and do outside side work)  .Dealers will never attempt anything like this. especially removing a Gateway from a 2010 car and installing it on yours. 
So there you have it. This crazy retrofit project solved.
Good luck everyone.