elm 327

You can enable the Cruise Control option for the PCM with ELMconfig. At the moment all petrol versions (except the ST/RS) and the 1.8 and 2.0 TDCI engines are supported. The 1.6 TDCI is not supported yet (probably because it is not sold in Russia).



To enable the Cruise Control option go to the second page of the procedures screen of the PCM. Select the right PCM type for your car and click "Read the firmware from PCM in file" and "Read VID-block from the PCM" and save it to your computer.





Next you can go to the PCM configuration screen. After the VID-block is previously read all of the settings from the PCM are pre-filled on this screen. 






Select the "Integrated Speed Control" checkbox and save the changed VID-block to your computer.






Go back to the second page of the procedures screen. Now click Load VID-block from file and select the changed VID-block you saved to your computer. Next click Load firmware from file and select the original firmwarefile you previously saved. Next the Write current firmware in PCM can be clicked (before it was grey). Now the firmware and changed VID-block are loaded into the PCM and the Cruise Control should be enabled. 



I tested the procedure on a spare PCM which I bought for testing  of the PCM firmware update procedure of ELMconfig. This PCM was originally fitted into a car that did not had Cruise Control. I fitted this PCM into my car, reprogrammed the PATS system, updated the PCM firmware to the most suitable version for my car an activated Cruise Control. All programming went without any problems. I use an ELM327 interface with FTDI chipset which is configured at a Baudrate of 500.000.