S5.38  Ford 2009+ airbag sensors with MAC and Infineon processors programming by OBDII

Product Information 
Works by OBDII with CarProg A1 adapter.
Support most of Ford, Mustang 2009-2012 airbag sensors with processors:   Freescale MAC7241 , MAC7242 ,    Infineon XC2361A-56 , XC2361B-40 ; 
With S5.38 software is possible to read / write emulated EEPROM memory by OBDII.

  Crash cleaner for Ford airbags (MAC and Infineon) 

To read/write on bench use C1 and A1 adapters. Wiring diagram :

2009-2012 modules (Ford Infineon and Ford Mac software S5.38):

! Connect  500 Ohm resistor between CAN wires (between yellow and green wires) !

2013 modules (Ford Focus Infineon and Ford Taurus Infineon software S5.40):

! Connect  500 Ohm resistor between CAN wires (between yellow and green wires) !

NOTE! This software is included in  CARPROG AIRBAG FULL or  CARPROG FULL packages.



You can order additional CARPROG softwares and adapters:
A1 - CARPROG ODB2 adapter +(€150.00)